Scrubbing For Love For your iPad, iPhone, and Android devices!

How much distraction can you take while you spot the differences? Find the difference, strip the girl.

Scrubbing For Love - vitapoly inc. Android app on Google Play

Free Version

The economy is rough, we know it. However, we still want people to play our games. So, instead of having a paid only game, we decided to partner with companies like, Tapjoy, PlayHaven, Chartboost, and Google to provide a free to play version of the game. The first four levels of Scrubbing For Love Free (Free STD) is completely free. However, we've also decided to release all the levels for free, that means you can play the game from the start to the end without having to pay a dime*.

How do we do it? While, there are in-app purchases in the game, meaning, you can choose to pay us money for some more girls and levels, it isn't the only way to advance in the game. Our partners have allowed us to let you continue playing the game onto the next level simply by viewing a few ads, downloading another app, or watching a video.

*Currently only on the Android version. Will be updating the iOS version soon.

Awesome Graphics and Gameplay

Graphics: All the graphics come from vector graphics. As opposed to raster graphics where there is a possibility of pixelation, our source images are all vectors. So, when we release for a new device, you can be sure that the resolution will always be as large as they can be for that supported device. No pixelation mess here!

Gameplay: What kind of gameplay can possibly exist in a difference game? We asked ourselves that question and answered it. We want the girls to not only be sexy, but have some Artificial Intelligence (AI). They know where the differences are, sometimes, they will be nice and tell you where they are. Or they can be mischievious and block the differences from view testing your mental memory of the image. It can be pretty difficult at times, but boy is it satisfying when you do see the differences.

Difficulty: Hard. It's intentional but not impossible. If you ask nicely, the girls will sometimes tell you where it is. However, don't poke them too much, they might get mad.

Sexy: It's damn sexy.

Full Paid Version

We Love You To Give Us Money

Creating games is a full time job. We wish we could do this for free all day long. However, we do depend on your support. Our full paid versions comes with quicker support response times and lifetime updates (including content!) for free. If you have a suggestion or feature request for the game that you paid for, it will more likely be honored. We always love to hear suggestions from our customers.